Friday, February 22, 2013


Let's talk about breakfast today. I promised to post a breakfast recipe every month, do you remember? You know, I strongly believe, that breakfast is really the most important meal of a day. I always have breakfast... always!

When I moved to Holland and started travelling to my language courses in the morning, I discovered a Dutch trend (or may be not only Dutch, never seen this in Russia though): "let's have breakfast in the train"! I barely can understand it... Breakfast is so important for me not only because you need to get some calories and energy for a day, but it's a good chance to start a day with your loved one (or ones).
 I love our morning rituals with my husband... a cup of cappuchino and something nice and quick (for weekdays) or something extremely tasty and decadent (for weekends).

So... what is the secret of  a nice breakfast during the week? No secrets! You can do all preparation the night before and quickly serve it in the morning. That's it! And homemade granola became an obvious and easy choice for me.
  It's an wonderful basic recipe, which you can modify in your own way. I, for example, hate black raisins in granola/ muisli, but it's a really popular ingridient in all ready-made variants. So, as you understand, I've never put raisins in my granola and you can do what ever you want with yours... You don't like dry fruits: make granola only with nuts. You don't like nuts: make granola only with dry fruits, etc.

I would love to read about your thoughts and ideas of an ideal morning meal: "What is your favourite breakfast? What do you think about having breakfast in a train? Would you like see more easy breakfast recipes in this blog or something more for a weekend?"

Homemade granola

250 gr oats (I usually buy something like this)
50 gr chopped almonds
50 gr chopped huzelnuts
50 gr sunflower seeds
50 gr dry cranberries
50 gr chopped dry apricots
50 gr butter
5-7 table spoons honey
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon orange zest 
1 pinch salt

1. Chop all ingredients, which should be chopped.
2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper end preheat the oven to 180 C. 
3. In a large bowl combine oats, chopped nuts and seeds.
4. In a small pan melt butter. Add honey to the melted butter and mix all together.
5. Add butter mixture, cinnamon, salt and orange zest to the oats and stir together with a big spoon.
6. Put the mixture on the parchment paper, bake 15-20 minutes. Stir the oats every 5 minutes (it prevent them from scorching).
7. Take out from the oven, add dry fruits, mix nicely and cool down.  
6. Keep in a germatic jar in a cool place.

I love my granola with yougurt and fresh berries, but it's also tasty with milk. 
Have a nice day and don't forget about your breakfast!

Nederlandse tekst komt snel!


  1. ciao Anastasia, really nice blog and wonderfull pics!!!!! nice to meet u! :)

    1. Ciao Yaya! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Nice to meet you too:-)